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The platform
The platform

The NextDrop platform is a first-of-its-kind toolkit for promoting and managing popup-style operations. 

We do local pick-up and in-house delivery your way (your flow, your brand, your rules) and make it incredibly easy to manage all aspects of your operation from your phone.

Get featured in our directory for free, then let us handle all the logistics with a small fee CHARGED TO CUSTOMERS (just $1 per order!). Get back to why you started - let us handle the rest.

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Why pre-ordering matters
Why pre-ordering matters

While walk-up ordering is becoming viable once again, the pandemic really helped operators understand the power of pre-ordering to better match inventory to demand.

Food wastage and premature sellouts are obvious consequences of a walk-up only strategy, but pre-ordering via NextDrop also helps smooth demand over time (via pick-up windows). This allows for a higher standard of quality and avoids lost business and unhappy customers brought on by long lines.

Why NextDrop?
1. We get popups

We understand the use cases that make popups so diverse, and have built NextDrop to easily adapt to each of them.


Consumer behavior for popups is unique, and the lead up and aftermath to each drop is critical. Our platform builds a sense of urgency and then efficiently converts the rush into valid orders to help you capitalize on the peak periods of demand. 

2. We save you time

The business side of running a popup often quickly outweighs the work of producing the product. NextDrop inverts that equation, taking care of practically everything except the food.

Say goodbye to all the manual grunt work (DM-to-order, Google forms, payment verification, order validation, inventory tracking, creating order lists, coordinating timeslots, sending customer communications, etc.) and let us automate your specific requirements, so all you need to do is watch for the order notifications as they roll in.   

3. We're flexible

Platforms designed for restaurants (or more general ecommerce) tend to be overengineered, rigid, and expensive, which can lead to frustrating compromises and a difficult path to growth.


That's why NextDrop embraces personalization and sustainability as core principles. We never stand in the way of the look, feel, and function that best fits your operation.

And if we think it would also benefit the community, we've been known to build new features in a few days for free.

4. We make updates easy

We get it, popups can be chaotic, and often require some improvisation on pick-up days.


Maybe you need to open up or close out pick-up windows, confirm order details with a customer, or you've sold out of a crowd favorite. Or maybe you need to send reminder texts or change an announcement to ensure customers show up to the right place.


Do it all (and much more) on the fly from your phone in less than 1 min.

5. We're customer-first

You want to give your customers the best possible experience, but it's time-consuming to manage communications with each person individually.


Break free by letting us handle the order confirmation emails, pick-up reminders, 'I'm here for pick-up!' notifications, and feedback.


We'll even build your customer list and help you remarket for future events.

6. We make you smarter

With all the extra time you'll have operating on NextDrop, you'll have the luxury of thinking about how to improve your operation and the confidence to know how to do it.

We generate insights using data collected from activity on your menu, which you can use to make choices about, say, how to reward loyal customers (discount codes), whether to adjust prices (if there's a low conversion rate), when, where, and how to reach customers (using traffic, location, email, and online ad retargeting data). 

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