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What we do

NextDrop is a commission-free platform for running and discovering next-level F&B popups.


The pandemic triggered a surge in Food Entrepreneurship, but delivery apps and restaurant platforms don't address the unique challenges of finding and serving incredible takeout.

Through our social media presence, citywide popup directories, and menu platform, NextDrop stimulates demand and then takes care of practically everything except the food. 

We want to turn pandemic-inspired passion projects into thriving businesses that nurture their communities with best-X-you've-ever-had masterpieces.

Dough Daddy x NextDrop
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Kyle used to work in Travel, but the pandemic (and a fortuitous turn volunteering to cater a friend's party) changed all that. Now he's a Food Entrepreneur, creating a magical Detroit-style pizza out of his kitchen that has quickly joined the conversation of 'best in LA' and been featured in numerous publications.

Like Kyle's pivot into popups, one taste of his pie is life-changing. But his first few ordering systems were a mash-up of forms, timeslot managers, and Venmo, resulting in a poor customer experience and lots of invalid orders. He considered other platforms, but they were made for traditional restaurants, were too rigid, and would have required too many compromises.

Early this year, NextDrop partnered with Kyle to streamline his operation, ultimately removing much of the overhead so he could focus on his craft. As a natural innovator, Kyle's feedback also led to new platform features that have already benefitted the popup community.

People like Kyle embody our vision. And like many of his loyal customers, we're counting down until we can get our hands on more of his legendary pie!

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How it works

1. Apply to get your popup on one of our citywide directories by filling out the form below. If we think it's a good fit, we'll add you and direct traffic to your IG or anywhere else. It's free!

2. You can stop at #1, or use our commission-free platform to fulfill orders and manage inventory. We CHARGE CUSTOMERS $1 per order, and OFFER YOU a host of Benefits and Features.

3. You can stop at #2, or pump up the demand by running a collaboration with another popup. Your friend's menu then becomes visible from within your NextDrop menu (and vice-versa), making it easier than ever to cross-promote for no additional charge.

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