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Most small F&B businesses are looking for a set of critical features. Here we cut to the chase so you can decide if NextDrop is right for you.

 Menu definition 

We'll work with you to get your menu set up just the way you like it. 

  • NextDrop menus look like an iOS or Android app, but only require an internet browser to work. That means your customers don't need to download anything and they can place orders from their phones or computers.

  • Select a visual or text-based format

  • Display your dishes in a beautiful gallery format that minimizes clicks to checkout

  • Incorporate links to press / media

  • Include an enticing background video on your menu's landing page

  • Introduce your team and tell your story

  • Embed ordering instructions

  • Capture customers for your mailing list

  • Capture (private) feedback at the popup or dish level

  • Allow multiple checkout paths to maximize conversion rate (i.e. some customers pick a timeslot first based on convenience and are flexible on dish availability, others have their eye on a certain dish and will adjust their schedules accordingly...)

 Pick-up / Self-Delivery / 

Let customers pick up at designated times and locations, or use in-house/DoorDash delivery to go to them.

  • Offer pick-up, delivery, or both

  • Define a surcharge for delivery orders

  • Set delivery radius limits (in miles)

  • Define multiple pick-up locations

  • Seamlessly integrate with Doordash's delivery network ($0.75/mile added to your customers' bill)


Get paid quickly so you'll always have the capital to fund your next event.

  • We accept all credit cards (no digital wallet methods yet)

  • Fees are generally passed to the customer (but don't need to be), and include:

    • NextDrop platform fee ($1)

    • Credit card processing (2.9% + $0.3)

    • Sales tax (set any %)

  • Once you connect your Stripe account (or create a new one for free), the money flows directly to you as soon as orders roll in

  • Sell gift cards that can be used repeatedly against the available balance

 Order Criteria 

Say goodbye to invalid orders. If a customer checks out on NextDrop, they have satisfied your order criteria.

  • Reject invalid credit cards

  • Make contact info mandatory (name, phone, email, etc.)

  • Limit order sizes by dish type

  • Limit orders by dish or customer capacity per timeslot and per day

  • Set delivery radius limits (in miles)

  • Define order cut-off times and minimum lead times for pick-up and delivery

  • Require select dishes to be bought together

  • Let customers create their own baskets of goods

  • Let customers split their order across multiple timeslots (usually neighboring times, so you don't lose business just because all cart items aren't available at a given time)


Let our promotional toolkit and community of entrepreneurs help you get the word out and convert customers.  

  • Receive a steady drumbeat of social media shout-outs from our accounts in your city

  • Get a premium, full-page listing in your city's directory linking directly to your NextDrop menu

  • Add a countdown to your next drop to build hype, and automatically share your current availability with our audience

  • Collaborate with other NextDrop popups to reach new customers

  • Define days and times to apply promo pricing (e.g. Happy Hour) or dish availability (e.g. Taco Tuesdays) 

  • Configure coupon codes to offer discounts at checkout

  • Set up password-protected mystery dishes to offer exclusive access to insiders 

  • Install Google / Facebook tracking pixels to advertise specifically to past visitors (whether or not they checked out)

  • Add customers to your mailing list at multiple points in your checkout flow

  • Encourage customers to share their experience on social media from your menu (posts link back to your menu)

 Inventory tracking 

Avoid premature sell-outs and food wastage. We'll count whatever matters most to your operation.

  • Track inventory at multiple grouping levels (i.e. # of boxes of cookies remaining, # of cookies)

  • Track inventory for predefined baskets of goods or build-your-own bundles

  • Track inventory at timeslot and day-levels (i.e. # boxes/cookies or customer slots remaining at X pm, and remaining overall)

  • Create pools so dishes can share a common inventory item (i.e. tracking burger patties per timeslot where the double burger uses 2 patties and the single burger uses 1)

  • Show customers in real-time how many dishes remain at a given timeslot


Update just about anything about your operation from your phone.

  • Update all aspects of your dishes and menu sections

  • Update your brand's logos, colors, and backstory

  • View real-time orders and inventory in your dashboard

  • Export order and financial details to Excel

  • Create new popup dates in bulk based on previous or new configurations

  • Overwrite timeslot capacity to open up new availability

  • Test your menu and new popup dates in draft status prior to going live

  • Define popup presets for different modes of your operation (weekend vs. weekday)

  • Kick off dish-level promotions

  • Rearrange / update orders after the fact (i.e. if a customer asks to move timeslots)


Free yourself from direct messaging threads. NextDrop scales your customer interactions without losing your personal touch.

  • Send custom email receipts (including custom pick-up instructions) immediately after purchase

  • Send order notifications to any number of your team members

  • Send reminder texts all customers on any pick-up day

  • Direct customers to a FAQ's page to address common questions

  • Make announcements in a popup as soon as customers click through to your menu

  • Give customers a 'digital doorbell' to notify you when they've arrived for pick-up


We turn customer data into insights that will grow your business.

  • Conversion / cart abandonment rates (should we lower the price?)

  • Customer location (should we add delivery?)

  • Clickstream (do we know how a particular customer interacted with the menu?)

  • Mailing lists (who wants to receive updates and promotions?)

  • Marketing automation (did they open the receipt/newsletter?)

  • Customer value / loyalty (who is a regular? how can I reward them?)

  • Customer feedback (are there themes about how we can improve?)

  • Shares on social media (is my business benefitting from word-of-mouth endorsement?)

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