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what we do

Seefood is NextDrop's restaurant product, and is much more than a QR code-enabled digital menu. It's a celebration of your story and your amazing dishes, and an opportunity to enhance the customer experience.

It's tasteful, engaging, and offers the freedom to experiment with new concepts on the fly and highlight the extras (events, classes, cookbooks, meal kits, etc.) that could lead to a more sustainable future.

Your waitstaff are a big reason people choose to dine-in, so we don't typically interfere with ordering and payment. No complex integrations with POS systems means we won't break anything, and we'll set you up in 48 hours.


While customers normally order through the waitstaff when dining in, Seefood supports payment processing and scheduling of take-out. This option has been particularly helpful for restaurants operating at a limited on-prem capacity or for pop-ups. Check out our pop-up product here.

See us in action at Luna Restaurant & Bar in Jersey City!

What we do


The guest scans the QR code on the table or uses the shortlink to reach your digital menus. Intuitive features speed up decision-making and capture customer data that we transform into business intelligence.



"It's digital freedom. I can't see why anyone wouldn't use it."

flexible digital menus


Want to upload a new, mouth-watering pic? Change a price? Sold out of the fish? Put your latest inspiration on the menu during dinner service? Run a promotion? Do it all in 1 min. from your phone.

qr code menu data capture


Your current paying guests are the most likely source of future business. We capture their feedback (privately), their contact info (contact tracing), pixel data for re-marketing, and send weekly insight reports about traffic and menu performance.

contactless menus boost business


Our visual, mobile-optimized user experience, promotional pop-ups,  shopping cart, and dietary filters speed up the ordering process and increase avg. order size.

digital menus make you go viral


Seefood generates buzz online by allowing guests to post to social media from within the app. Every click their posts attract links directly back to your digital menus. Your customers are your best ambassadors, so we let them take some Instagram off your plate. 

custom qr code menus branded


We're flexible enough to match the look and feel of any restaurant brand, from text-based to illustrative to photographic. You've spent a lot of time perfecting your image, so we provide a malleable platform and let you tell your unique story.

diversify your business with our digital menu platform


COVID-19 has inspired many businesses to entertain new concepts for a more sustainable future. We'll help you diversify your revenue streams by tastefully introducing and accepting payment for your new ideas, such as pop-ups, meal kits, cooking classes, virtual events, etc.

How it works
Benefit to restaurants
Seefood is the best contactless menu solution compared to alternatives like disposable menus


By now you’ve probably seen a range of solutions for COVID-19 safe menus, including single-use disposables and home-made QR codes linking to PDF's or restaurant websites.
Disposable menus are 10x more expensive, are incredibly unsustainable, and lock you into a set menu for months.
PDF's and websites are also difficult to update, present a frustrating experience on mobile, and lack the customer and menu insights to improve your operation.
Seefood takes the familiarity of paper menus, the engagement of multimedia websites, and adds a number of smart features to create a powerful business tool that resonates with guests and owners alike.
How we stack up


Customer examples

Dolcetto | London, ON

Dolcetto Italian restaurant, London, Ontario

In 2017, OpenTable named Dolcetto one of the top-100 best Italian restaurants in Canada.

In May 2020, Dolcetto turned to Seefood for a contactless menu solution to support their re-opening, and opted for a traditional, text-based format.

After weeks of high traffic, rave reviews, and customer data collection, Dolcetto is experimenting with Seefood's edit-on-the-fly and promotions features to optimize their operation. 

Luna | Jersey City, NJ

Luna Restaurant & Bar, Jersey City, NJ

Luna brings a fresh and contemporary edge to Italian cuisine. Owner Julian Muscio is overflowing with innovative ideas (black light full moon party anyone?), and turned to Seefood to help him experiment with them. 

Julian opted for the visual Seefood format to make use of the extra food photos he had on hand from his grand opening. 

He then incorporated wine flavor profiles/pairings, uses badges and promotions to drive demand to specific dishes and reduce food waste, and now runs targeted remarketing campaigns using the data Seefood has collected.

Indecent Risotto | Victoria, BC

Indecent Risotto food truck, Victoria, BC

Indecent Risotto specializes in Arancini, a delicious deep fried risotto ball stuffed with meats or veg, and served as street food across Europe.


Concerned about maintaining social distancing around their food truck, owner Andrew Paumier digitized his menu board with Seefood and attached a jumbo vinyl QR code to the side of his truck that customers could scan from afar.


Seefood color-matched the QR code to the truck, embraced the irreverent tone of their brand, and offered the added benefit of providing a modern web presence for an outdated website. 


Seefood requires no complex integrations with POS systems and no change to operations.


After you share your old menus (and any dish pictures, though this isn't required), we'll set you up within 48 hrs. and give you a FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL- no risk or obligation.

After the trial, pricing is as follows. Pay as you go. Cancel anytime.


Restaurant menus: $100/mo.

Restaurant menus + online ordering (takeout): $100/mo. + $1/order


To generate the dynamic QR codes we use for our table cards, we leverage the service provider listed below. Learn more about how QR codes can benefit your business by clicking here.  

We are more than just a QR code menu
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